From shaking hands to helping hands, the world pandemic showed us how door to door service of goods and groceries is one of the most basic needs in today’s new normal world.This brand primarily focuses on delivering essentials directly at your doorstep. Going out getting all the groceries and essentials at this time of pandemic is a big chaos, also to your grandparents who are stuck with an empty fridge, let not the helping hand rest because of the distance, one click on your mobile and we reach the destination to serve your loved ones. OSK Plus is providing a hasslefree service at your doorstep.


Availing all the essential goods from vegetables, groceries, poultry etc. to you on the same day or the day after as per availability right at your doorstep. Fresh and quality products are assured for your healthy stomach and well being.


Necessity being the mother of invention, OSK PLUS is a result of the current pandemic. Keeping in mind how tough lives sometimes can be, your necessities are delivered to you at your door.

Some new services introduced recently.

Medical Essentials

Pet Essentials