Founded in April 2017, One Stop Kitchen, the brainchild of Rahul Hazarika is Northeast India’s 1st Cloud Kitchen; been awarded twice as the Best Cloud Kitchen of the city Guwahati and once acknowledged for setting a benchmark through innovation. Stepping in as a social page to becoming a success on delivering love for your stomach, we are more than grateful in fulfilling the vision we aimed at. While living in a luxury and comfort seeking world which gets you a cab, your last minute flight ticket to your fashion trial room in your bedroom just with a click, how can we not help you in getting your Italian pizza slice to your customized “fitness” thali connecting via the same? To set up an unforgettable experience for providing a one stop food solution right at the customer's doorstep; One Stop Kitchen stands right before you, just a click and here’s your yum bite.

Well did your jeans just hurt your appetite or the body con dress is too tight to grab another plate of Biryani? Worry not as we give you a moment in paradise to settle your continental hunger in that loose pajama and tee you wear. From fusion bowls to exotic dumplings, flavorful wings to mouthwatering baos, all your delicious fusion food at the comfort of your doorstep only with One Stop Kitchen.

  1. Select your soul food from the wide range of mouth watering delicacies.
  2. Place your order
  3. A delivery executive will be there at your doorstep with your order.


Back in 2017 ordering food via an app was not a common practice especially in the NE Zone considering as the chicken neck corridor.The idea was to take the entire restaurant experience right at the customers pocket, to build a brand which will become the goto place to order delicious fusion food at the doorstep. Hence, giving birth to One stop Kitchen; North East India’s first cloud kitchen. Stepping in as a mere social page in April 2017 by Rahul Hazarika to Abhilash Baruah joining and co-founding OSK Food & Technology Pvt. Ltd. in October 2019; to become the first Food Tech start-up from the region to be VC (Venture Capital) funded in 2020. OSK Food & Technology Pvt. Ltd. was incubated by an Assam startup The Nest (An Initiative by Assam Govt. & IIM Calcutta), and is also the first few food tech start-up to be registered under Start-up India from the entire region.


With the emergence of technology and luxury needs, the market is flooded with foods like chilli chicken to paneer pakora, but then there are days and times when you crave for some fusions and dumpling bowl, some ethnic taste on your tongue to be brief. Not all of us are master in kitchens but the stomach greeds anyways. OSK brings you a place that offers you the experience of ordering unique fusion food. Bringing you a unique cyclic menu; from flavorful wings to mouthwatering baos, to the fusion thali whatever your taste demands we try to present you on your command.


A drooling tongue, lusty stomach and a hungry heart waiting for foodgasm; allow us to be in your service until the package rings your doorbell.