Just like the royalty of Enfield spells with the name royal Enfield likewise the royalty of Indian food is served with a shahi thali of Biryani. Stating the fact that ‘when in confusion serves a plate of biryani’, we: The House of Biryani, trying to help customers order biryani in grams/kilos catering the need of bulky orders to enjoy some authentic flavorful shahi time with your loved ones. For that end time anniversary preparation to the sudden visit of old school mates, your memories shouldn't be compromised while you cook in the kitchen. We care for your THE Day thus your big fat party meal is just a click away.

  1. Select your authentic biryani from the variety chart.
  2. Select in a variety of ranges from 250g to no. of kilos you want in.
  3. Place your order.


We are availing biryani in grams/kilos for larger consumption. The main idea is to deliver ready made biryani for your guest, friends, colleague or anyone else to let you invest your time more with them and less on food preparation.


For the last moment preparation of your party to a hungry stomach friendsmate group, hey we are here to help you feed the most delicious biriyani you want. Save your time till the next door bell.