The stereotypical concept about diet is to starve your taste buds and glow. But not any more as we bring you HealthyCo, a brand whose main motive is to promote a lifestyle where your health is the main priority but you don’t have to forget your favourite foods and cravings with our subscription model. Our team along with our in house dietician, will give you a personalized assessment and according to your body needs, a customized package will be made for you. A one stop solution to all your dietary needs. Good food Good life only with healthyco.

  1. Accessing your health data
  2. Incorporating personal goals
  3. Consultation
  4. Diet meal plan formulation
  5. Continuous Assistance from Nutritionist
  6. Daily Tracker & Technological Assistance
  7. Assessment on completion

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With the emergence of technology and luxury needs, the market is flooded with foods like chilli chicken to paneer pakora, but then there are days and times when you crave for some fusions and dumpling bowl, some ethnic taste on your tongue to be brief. Not all of us are master in kitchens but the stomach greeds anyways. OSK brings you a place that offers you the experience of ordering unique fusion food. Bringing you a unique cyclic menu; from flavorful wings to mouthwatering baos, to the fusion thali whatever your taste demands we try to present you on your command.


Fitness enthusiast with a heavy heart to compromise on taste, here’s your chance for a dream come true moment, fit and fun all in one only with healthyco.